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The HW 116 Cable Pusher has been engineered as a multirole unit allowing the operator to set the machine up in various configurations.

Included with the HW 116 Cable Pusher is the VFM Vertical Frame Mount designed to allow quick “boltless” attachment. In this mode, the Cable Pusher is sitting vertically allowing it to be dropped directly into a trench ready to push the cable into conduits thereby assisting the Underground Cable Hauler such as the Hy-Haul HW 201 6 ton unit.

Detailed Specifications


Detailed Specifications

Designed to sit horizontally on the ground, platform or on a truck bed, and fitted with multiple anchor and attachment points, stability is assured. As a result, the HW 116 Cable Pusher can process heavy XLP style cable straight off the drum aligning it for dropping into a trench.

Control of the HW 116 Cable Pusher can be via Manual Control Valve, Pendant Control or Wireless Remotemachines.

  • Single Cable diameters from 32 mm to 150 mm
  • Trefoil Triple Cable of 32 mm diameter
  • Up to 20 mts/minute speed
  • Line force potential of 13 Kn
  • Manual valve control, electric pendant or wireless remote control options available
  • Diesel, petrol or electric power units available

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