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With an 11 kN pull and designed mainly for overhead use, the HW203D is a truck mountable, sophisticated triple drum hauling unit with diesel driven hydraulics. It has PLC and touch screen controls for settable pulling power, speeds and way points and removable drums for hauling and recovery.

Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications

A Triple drum line hauling machine which can efficiently and precisely pull 3 overhead conductors at a time. This machine is powered by a three cylinder, fully encapsulated diesel engine that only produces 69 dBA @ 7 mts. The drive and control system is a fully integrated electro-proportional hydraulic system that offers precise control and strength.

A comfortable operator cabin is fitted with suspension chair and a large operator console where the Colour Touch Screen PLC is mountable. The PLC software is robust and includes the following features as:

  • Individual line speed for each drum
  • Individual line tension for each drum
  • Individual distance pulled for each drum
  • Haul settings where maximum allowable tension can be changed
  • System monitoring such as Hydraulic oil level & temperature
  • System information such as Total distance pulled, maximum line tension reached, maximum line speed reached etc.

Some additional features of the HW203D are:

  • Line speeds on each drum up to 55 m/min
  • Line pull on each drum minimum 11 kN (1100 kg)
  • Selectable Automatic or Manual layering trolley system for each drum
  • Hydraulic Reservoir and Control Valves fully bunded with inclement weather covers as per EPA and Australian Standards guidelines
  • All high pressure hydraulic hoses fitted with “Burst Guard” to prevent oil spray in the event of a rupture
  • Drum drives are a radial piston motor complete with failsafe brake
  • Rope drum free wheel function for easy payout
  • Rope drum capacity of 2000 mts of 12 mm poly
  • Unit dimensions are a compact 4500 mm long x 2350 mm wide by 2150 mm high

Fully assembled and tested machine complete with 3 x rope drums, 3 x split style recovery drums, operator & maintenance manuals.

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