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The Hy-Haul HW 303D is the upgraded version of the very successful HW 203D, and offers a 50% pulling power increase as well as a generational change in the operating control system.

With triple drum configuration, each drum is easily removed allowing fast interchange between Rope and Augmentation Drums.

Fitted with Motion Control Valves and Failsafe Brakes the operator has peace of mind knowing the conductor can't be "dropped" between poles, particularly over roads.

Like the HW 203D, the new HW 303D utilizes a state of the art control system manufactured by Rexroth, that is ideally matched to the Rexroth Hydraulic Components. This control system utilizes Can-Bus communication between the Three Joysticks, Colour Operator Screen and Output Modules ensuring minimum wiring and maximum self awareness.

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Detailed Specifications

Motive power for the HW 303D comes from the well proven Hatz 4L41C Silent Pack air cooled diesel engine that provides very long and reliable service. The Hatz engine then drives a complete Rexroth Hydraulic system, from the most efficient Load Sensing Piston Pump right through to the Electric Proportional Control Valves.

Benefits of this control system are such that the operator simply needs to start the engine and start hauling in, the control system takes care of the rest.

The software developed by Hy-Haul provides live information to the operator such as current line speed and current line tension on each drum. The maximum line tension can be preset. Because of our "Active Measurement" system, we constantly measure each Drum Diameter and automatically adjust the hydraulic pressure for that drum ensuring that we don’t go past this preset value.

Rope or cable is layered onto the drum automatically by the control system and is totally proportional to the drum speed; the operator does not need to be concerned with this facet of the operation leaving him or her free to concentrate on the important items at hand. The control system even allows for selectable joystick configuration whereas the operator can select to operate all three drums from the one joystick leaving there other hand free for radio operations.

Standard features include:
  • 4 Cylinder Air Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Complete Rexroth Hydraulic System
  • Complete Rexroth Electronic System
  • Colour operator interface with two camera inputs allowing remote views.
  • Infinitely variable joystick control of each drum, selectable to three patterns
  • Operator information such as speed, tension & distance on each drum
  • Control system interface with engine & hydraulics
  • Maximum line tension settable from the colour screen
  • Motion control and failsafe brakes on each drum
  • Automatic or manual layering trolley control
  • Fully enclosed cabin with tinted safety glass, sound proofing and air conditioning
  • Internal & External work lights
  • Fully adjustable sprung operator seat
  • Line tension up to 20 kN each drum simultaneously
  • Line speeds of up to 50 mts/minute simultaneously (capped)
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Fully bunded hydraulic reservoir and valving
  • Two Pack Poly Urethane paint
  • Free wheel rope/cable payout system

Along with any of the other machines in the Hy-haul range, the HW 303D can be tailored to suit your application and procurement requirements.

Fully assembled and tested machine complete with 3 x rope drums, and 3 x split style recovery drum, operator & maintenance manuals.

Photo Gallery

Truck Mounted View:
HW303D HW303D HW303D HW303D
Cabin View:
HW303D HW303D HW303D HW303D
Multiple Drum View:
HW303D HW303D HW303D HW303D

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