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Hy Haul Pty Ltd
Customer Projects
For over 20 years Hy-Haul, earlier trading as Hyquip, has supplied Cable Winders and Drum Stands to electricity service providers for many key power line installations throughout Australia. Projects between 1988 and 2010 include:

  • Integral NSW – HW303D Triple drum 20kN winder
  • Bilfinger Berger VIC – HW201DU Single drum winder
  • Ergon Energy QLD – HW203D Triple drum mount
  • Energy Australia NSW – HW201D Single drum winder
  • Tenex VIC HW203D – Triple drum skid/trailer mounted
  • State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) – HM993 Triple Drum Winder units
  • SEC – HM101 Single Drum Winder units. Most of these are still in operation today
  • RNJ NSW & QLD Sicame HM103 and HM117 Drum Stands
  • Integral Energy NSW – HW107 and HW201 new technology Singe Drum Winder units
  • Alinta – HW203 Triple Drum Winder
  • Far North Queensland Electricity Board (FNQEB) – HM113 Drum Stand units to the
  • TEN New Zealand – HM116 Cable Pusher
  • HM119 Auto Control Screw Anchor Machine
  • Jemena VIC - HW303D Triple drum 20kN winder
  • New Zealand – HW820 Insulator Washer Unit
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